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HELLA worklight Module 70 LED Generation IV for long-range illumination

HELLA worklight Module 70 LED Generation IV for long-range illumination
With its Module 70 LED Generation IV, HELLA has introduced a compact worklight that offers very high light output. For the first time, LED output is on par with that of xenon in a compact design. Equipped with 3 high-performance multichip LEDs, the Module 70 LED is rated to 2,500 lumens while consuming just 30 watts of energy. The worklight's black housing is made of aluminum and incorporates cooling fins. These ensure sufficient heat dissipation from the high-power LEDs. (By comparison, The Module 70 LED Generation 3 only generated 800 lumens.) Despite its compact size, the Module 70 LED Generation IV is a robust worklight that can be used in many applications. The light beams of the LEDs illuminate the entire work area thanks to the multifaceted reflector and lens. In addition to the classic close and long range illumination, the Module 70 LED Generation IV is also available with extra wide special illumination. With a colour temperature of 6,500 kelvin, the light from the LED worklight is very similar to daylight. This helps to distinguish colours more easily in the dark, and thus facilitate the human eye's sensory perception task while combating fatigue. The electronics of the Module 70 LED are multi-volt compatible and can therefore be operated with a 12 or 24-volt power supply. The integrated electronics protect the device in the event of polarity inversion and guarantee constant brightness, even when operating when operating voltage fluctuates between 9 and 33 volts. In addition, temperature sensors protect the worklight from overheating. Only in this way can the long service life of the LEDs and safe work environment at night be guaranteed.


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1G0 996 476-011
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