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HELLA spotlight Rallye 3003 CELIS with chrome frame

HELLA spotlight Rallye 3003 CELIS with chrome frame
The successor model to the familiar Rallye 3000 series as a CELIS variant with LED position light is an ideal addition to the standard spotlight · The appearance of a large ring-shaped position light based on an LED light transmitter makes for a particularly striking night-time design · The popular arrangement of the CELIS headlamp on the vehicle roofs of trucks makes the vehicle easily recognisable, even from a greater distance · Thanks to LED technology, it is not necessary to replace the bulb of the position light · Weatherproof seal and reflector demisting with the purest of aluminium for maximum efficiency and long-term stability · High efficiency of the HELLA High Boost reflector for a perfect light distribution and outstanding road illumination reduces the tiredness of the driver · H1 spotlight with reference number 17.5 and LED position light ECE type-approved · Multi-voltage: LED position light, suitable for 12 V and 24 V current


Article number
1F8 009 797-451
Fitting Position
Inspection Tag
E1 3047,ECE,SAE
Lamp Type
Light Design
with hybrid technology
Light Function
with high beam, with position light (LED)
Mounting Type
Fastening Type
Suspended, Vertical
Rated Voltage [V]
Supplementary Article/Info 2
without bulbs, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Diffusing Lens Type
Clear diffusing lens
Number of light functions