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HELLA D1S Xenon +30 bulb

HELLA D1S Xenon +30 bulb
For more than a hundred years, HELLA has been a technological leader for drivers who want to be sure they can see and be seen. Modern xenon technology is a proven milestone for both driving safety and comfort. With a colour temperature of 4300 K, twice the brightness of halogen lamps and with around three times their luminous efficiency, the white light of these new generation xenon lamps ensures safety and relaxed driving. The newly developed HELLA Xenon +30 lamps have a colour temperature of up to 5,000 K, which is almost as much as modern vehicles' extremely white LED daytime running lights, offering maximum illumination and visibility similar to daylight.


Article number
8GS 009 028-621
Voltage [V]
Rated Power [W]
Bulb Type
D1S (gas discharge tube)
Socket Type
Colour Temperature [K]